11 Apr 2016

Baba Tencen is the most popular Zimbabwean internet video creator, and more interesting facts.

A week ago we started off on a new approach to in-depth content with a series called “Beneath the Surface” which is meant to provide us with an opportunity to plunge into a further understanding of certain topics in Zimbabwe’s (and the region’s) tech space. So far, our first feature, The Internet video Economy in Zimbabwe; […]


31 Mar 2016

This startup makes buying ZESA prepaid electricity tokens online reliable

Buying ZESA prepaid electricity tokens on the internet is nothing new. For about a year now it’s been possible, with the noteworthy solution being TelOne’s Telpay website which we wrote about last year. There’s a new interesting addition though and this new service solves a key problem with zesa token vending, which the other platforms have seemingly ignored – reliability. The service is called Power.Plus and it […]

29 Mar 2016

Meet the Bulawayo-born global criminal kingpin who is behind TrueCrypt

Bulawayo-born programmer and drug lord Paul Le Roux is allegedly the brains behind TrueCrypt, an encryption application made famous by Edward Snowden. In what reads like a script for a Hollywood action-thriller movie, the long form piece of investigative journalism chronicles Le Roux’s life from his birth in Bulawayo in 1972 , through his primary […]

24 Mar 2016

These Zimbabwean entrepreneurs were backed by Microsoft and now want to transform local education

Mustard Seed generated significant interest among potential investors as well as prospective schools that were keen on integrating the platform with their existing school systems, something which prompted the team to explore the possibility of enhancing the system’s capabilities with options for district and provincial level data collation.


23 Mar 2016

Dial-a-Doc doctors face disciplinary action as Zimbabwe’s health council rejects Econet’s telemedicine

A year now after the launch of Econet’s Dial-a-Doc health service, the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (MDPCZ) is still to accept it as a positive contribution to healthcare services in Zimbabwe. Information we have received from the council is that doctors working for the service were brought before the council to answer for their involvement in a “prohibited” service. […]

17 Mar 2016

Zimbabwe’s failed WhatsApp ban just exposed the mobile operator’s struggle with innovation

The reality, though, is that these operators are responding to changes that they never anticipated and whose effects they can’t control. The request for the ban, or regulation is, as has been the case in countries like Morocco and most recently South Africa, a way to contain the damage. That hardly justifies it, but it puts the request into context.

16 Mar 2016

Local producer explains sad state of Zimbabwean television & the internet’s opportunity as a solution

Citing the rise of online content consumption patterns that have powered the rise in popularity of material from producers like P.O Box and Zambezi News, Makamba pointed out how Zimbabwean content is scattered across various platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook, something that he believes points to the opportunity of a central distribution platform.

16 Mar 2016

How we can capitalise on mHealth opportunities in Africa

The key to meeting this demand for innovation in health is a collaboration between health professionals and the IT experts or software developers. However, my personal experiences in Zimbabwe have been quite disappointing. It has proved to be quite a nightmare finding a skilled and experienced software developer who can choose to spare enough time to work on an idea.